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We just purchased a new home and had GalaxyOne install a wall mount bracket with a tv, and two additional tv’s in the home. We were very pleased with both the sales and installation they provided us. We would highly recommend them.

Great company, great service, great employees. Always available, always reliable, always a great job. Glad I chose to do business with GalaxyOne.

I own a multi-line insurance agency in Bettendorf, IA and I chose to install the Dish business package offered by Galaxy 1. Galaxy 1’s sale representative Chris Carroll was very helpful in going over my channel options and additional features. We chose to purchase the children and news channel packages. The ability to choose what I wanted helped keep my monthly cost down, which when you run your own small business helps the bottom line. I was so impressed with the product and service that I changed over to Dish using Galaxy 1 for my personal home as well. Dish does a great job of utilizing technology. For example, I can watch live programming or any of my recorded programs anywhere from my smart phone or tablet. If I forget to record a show I can use that same app to set the recording remotely! Dish is a great product. If you are looking for the best service and price, make sure you order Dish through Galaxy 1.

I’ll admit I left DirecTV for Dish Network to save some $$$. I couldn’t be happier with my switch. Dish Network’s ever-improving technology means I don’t have to settle for anything — except for a lower bill! From the Hopper, TV Anywhere and now even Amazon Echo compatibility, my TV viewing couldn’t be easier — or more affordable. The guys at Galaxy 1 were more than accommodating with my installation and took the time to make sure I knew how all the bells and whistles worked. Once I learned of the OTA adapter, I knew I had to have one. I stopped out, picked one up and now can watch those CUBS games on any TV in the house, unlike my Direct TV friends who are stuck watching the game on the TV with the antenna hooked up to it. When I switched satellite TV providers, I thought I’d have to settle with Dish Network but boy was I wrong. The only thing I am settling for, is a lower TV bill. Thanks Dish Network and Galaxy 1, you’ve got a customer for LIFE!

Chris Carroll at Galaxy One has to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced TV/Satellite Guys around. He has your hookup on some of the most incredible TV/Satellite Tech there is. Tell your TV to find you a game or a movie, and… BAM, there it is. Call Chris at Galaxy One to get hooked up.

Great service and know what they are offering when it come to you TV and entertainment needs.